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1. 14th April 2010: CVRDE, Avadi conduct exhaustive trials with Aartech for KranKing™ Ultracapacitors in Arjun Tank Engine Test Setup. Based on the successful trials, further exhaustive trials have been scheduled in May 2010.



About Faradigm

Faradigm is a family of ultracapacitors or a range of ultracapacitors designed for power quality applications, i.e. applications that need good quality power. Faradigm ultracapacitors, and all ultracapacitors in general, have high specific power among many other good and desirable features, and therefore they represent a paradigm change of sorts. And that's the reason why the name "Faradigm" was website is an initiative of and wholly owned by Aartech Solonics.

About Aartech Solonics

Aartech Solonics is a System Solution Oriented R&D Enterprise in the field of Specialised and Selected Energy Applications. Aartech is mostly known for its rich credentials in the highly specialised field of Fast Bus Transfer Systems for Medium Voltage Installations in Power Plants and Process Industries. Aartech's BTS 2000 - Microprocessor Based Fast Bus Transfer System sets the highest international benchmarks for providing critical process continuity solutions to the industry.
Aartech is continuously building on its core strength to identify, research, develop and deploy new technologies with a view to provide specialised system solutions for select challenges posed by the ever increasing demand and utilisation of energy .